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Can Humans Suffer from Light Deficiency? (Part 4)

In Part 4 of this article series, I summarize the lighting equipment I have experimented with in my efforts to expose my eyes to the color spectrum, intensity, timing, and duration of light that has been reported in scientific studies to enhance nighttime melatonin secretion, growth hormone secretion, slow-wave sleep, the waking cortisol response, and mood as described in Parts 1-3. I also make some equipment suggestions in the case readers want to experiment with enhancing their personal lighting environment.

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Can Humans Suffer from Light Deficiency? (Part 3)

In Part 3, I provide a concise summary and synthesis of my findings on this topic for convenient review and consideration. In this detailed summary, I will also include some research findings on retinal light exposure, the hormone BDNF, and the potential for enhanced indoor lighting to reduce the incidence or intensity of depression and its associated medication use.

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Can Humans Suffer from Light Deficiency? (Part 2)

In Part 2, I explore the relationships between retinal light exposure and Alzheimer’s disease, and in particular, sundowning in Alzheimer’s disease. I also explore the association between light exposure and longevity.

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Can Humans Suffer from Light Deficiency? (Part 1)

As strange as it sounds, upon examining the scientific data on the relationships between bright light exposure and things like growth hormone secretion, nighttime melatonin level, and neurodegeneration, I think there is a credible case to be made that many modern people could be suffering from negative effects of chronic light deficiency. In this article series, I report on my thorough exploration of the scientific literature related to the topics of retinal light exposure and its effects on and relationships with nighttime melatonin secretion, nighttime growth hormone secretion, the morning waking (cortisol) response, fatigue, daytime alertness, and Alzheimer’s disease. I also report on my self-experimentation with bright light therapy and give some equipment and light exposure protocol recommendations based on my experiences.

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