Confirmed: Exercise Increases Day-After Ketones

Just a week ago, I received my blood ketone meter. I tested my fasted ketones, and found they were somewhat low. After eating what I thought was a low carb (ketogenesis-friendly) meal, I tested them again, and ketones had dropped, and glucose went to 105. Yikes. So I became more strict on carbs, and increased my exercise, and this is what happened…

Confirmed: exercise increases ketones the day after exercise. I went from 0.9 mM ketones (presumably beta-hydroxybutyrate), exercised twice in the same day, next day had 2.6 mM ketones (80 mg/dL glucose – I try to test both at the same time).

Did it again yesterday: exercised twice (45 mins weightlifting in the morning, 20 mins pacing at 10-12 mph running), and today, mid-day, 2 hrs after a meal, ketones were 3.6 mM (glucose = 79 mg/dL).

Peter Attia said he found exercise increases his ketones the next day.

Very sharp guy. Great talk too.

I’m using the Precision Xtra NFR Blood Glucose Monitoring System (which is actually a dual, glucose/ketone monitoring device) to measure blood ketones. I understand urine ketones are not all that accurate after a few weeks in ketosis (I’m 6+ weeks in).

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