About Long Life Labs

About Long Life Labs

As illustrated by its tagline, “Forever striving toward forever”, the operating philosophy of Long Life Labs is founded on the conviction that human life is the single most valuable aspect of human life. This may sound circular, and in a way, it is.

What is meant by this philosophy is that a large proportion of human joy, pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction is realized with the flourishing – i.e. the good health, survival, and enjoyment – of other humans. This is the synergistic – some say, beautiful – mutually-beneficial interaction of vast numbers of human individuals that make up society. These interactions make up our everyday experiences, from a happy time with friends engaging in some cherished activity, to trading with and benefiting from agriculturalists, builders, tinkerers, engineers, artists, scientists, doctors, performers, and musicians to enrich one’s life.

To facilitate this immense network of human joy, the Objectives of Long Life Labs focus on the preservation of healthy human life. Enjoyment of the experiences of life, while certainly not guaranteed, requires the absence of disease and ill-health.

Two Main Objectives of Long Life Labs

To facilitate the unlimited preservation of healthy human life, Long Life Labs’ two main Objectives are:

Objective #1: To passionately engage in scientific research to develop successful, persistent, and revolutionary medical treatments for the dysfunction and diseases of human aging. We call these revolutionary medical treatments “Rejuvenation Biotechnologies”. 

Objective #2: To carefully identify the most effective, health-preserving habits, foods, and medicines as established by systematic, scientific inquiry, and report these to the Long Life Labs community. We call these activities “Current Methods of Health Preservation”. 

Objective #1: Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

Long Life Labs holds the development of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies its main priority because of the conviction that there is more to be gained (in terms of prevention of human suffering and facilitation of human happiness) by addressing a source of suffering currently considered inevitable for every living human: the disease and dysfunction of aging.

This is considered a very difficult endeavor, as suggested by the billions of dollars spent every year on research intended to extend healthy human life, yet progress is frustratingly slow. But this is also considered our most valuable Objective. Thus, Long Life Labs dedicates some of its resources toward making progress at this Objective.

Objective #2: Current Methods of Health Preservation

Long Life Labs also operates with the understanding that there is likely an incredible difference in length of human life, and degree of human suffering, between those individuals whom implement currently-available habits, foods, and medicines for health-preservation, and those who do not. So Long Life Labs directs some effort and resources toward elucidating and reporting on the highest-value, health-preservation interventions (in terms of time and resources, per unit of healthy lifespan), as determined by systematic scientific inquiry.

There are thousands of scientific papers and blog posts, each claiming that a different supplement, nutrient, or exercise or dietary regimen, will extend healthy human life. Sorting out which ones actually have an effect (rather than theoretically might have an effect) can be challenging. In studying and reporting on our progress in this Objective, we strive to keep a very strict standard of evidence of actual benefit.

In pursuit of these two Objectives, Long Life Labs:

  • Partners with researchers and colleagues around the world to perform scientific medical research, to test hypotheses directly relevant to extending healthy human life via elimination or reversal of age-related diseases.
  • Studies scientific papers and and releases commentary about what we learn with regard to both Objectives.
  • Develops detailed Research Proposals – experiments we recommend or conduct ourselves – based on our understanding of age-related degenerative processes, and how they might be fixed or reversed.
  • Engages in for-profit businesses for the focused purposes of both (1) enhancing speed of progress of biomedical research, and (2) investing the majority of those profits in the further pursuit of our Objectives.
  • Seeks to partner with additional financial and human capital to accelerate human progress toward our Objectives.

What Long Life Labs is not highly focused on:

  • Basic research intended to elucidate the function of various biomolecules in the body, for the sake of expanding knowledge of human biology. If a basic research experiment is expect to answer a very specific question that is considered highly relevant to human longevity enhancement or the development of a detailed Research Proposal relevant to our Objectives, this would fall within our scope of interests.
  • Development of interventions focused on slowing the aging process. This includes a great many studies on dietary interventions (e.g. calorie restriction, intermittent fasting) or nutritional supplements. Long Life Labs does review the scientific literature to discover and report on the most valuable of these interventions currently known to humankind. But this is not our primary focus. Our main focus is reversing age-related dysfunction, not slowing it down.